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I have never really been considered a writer seeing that I have released a catalogue of new age music and various videos – but throughout the 80’s, behind all the meditation music, there was a collection of 100 x 300 page exercise books written between 1977 and 1995. That was where much of the musical ideas were developed from. So this blog is my first real attempt to bring my ideas together as a searchable, correlated resource all in one place – in writing. The collected wisdoms of Japetus. A living and unfolding and evolving autobiography.

I’ll start by laying out some Core principles and basic Ground Rules which are good to read first and then I’ll post the essence of each idea as completely as I can as it comes to me – later I might go back and add follow-up posts if more perspectives unfold. These are not frivolous, cursory posts about shallow things that happen in my life – this blog is about deep and meaningful, serious topics as you can see below – so only subscribe if you can make the commitment to read and ponder it all. Most posts will be between 1,500 and 10,000 words.

In no particular order the topics I will cover may include things like: diet, creativity, money, chakras, people, unplugging, introversion, spirituality, computers, time, work, reincarnation, cooking, health, lifestyle, gardening, books, conditioning, age, intuition, friendship, bodywork, climate, poetry, death, television, ASD, journaling, relationships, energy, meditation, organisations, Guides, life-hacks, fitness, philosophy, hormones, visualisation, movies, healing, simplicity, psychedelics, success, cows, symbolism, hygiene, consciousness, fires, places, karma, recording, clouds, communication, love, reality, illusion and the matrix.

The term ‘Blog’ is actually short for ‘Web Log’ – a regular web post about anything you want to share online – or ‘log’ – logged for others to find online. I like using it as one word – weblog. I will be aiming at a weekly post but it could just be monthly or random.  Some topics may be deep and complex so I may have to have Part 1, Part 2 etc.

I have resisted this for some years – but with Facebook being so shallow in the first place and then becoming more and more dysfunctional every year – and censorship there increasing – and now they have stopped all audio and video embedding – and I was feeling limited to that whole restrictive environment – so it was time to set up my own independent space that could also be accessed and subscribed to by the public internet. It’s amazing how many people actually refuse to be involved with the social media platforms these days – more and more. Facebook for me is now more for notifications of my new creative products and some news – but this blog is where you will be able to get right inside my being. I hope to fully shift here by 2019.

This weblog is my soapbox to say whatever crazy ideas I want to share – my commentary on life, the universe and well, everything – whatever is going through my mind that tells me it is ready to be shared. It’s my own private space to broadcast my insights – strange perspectives from outside the matrix – things I’ve learned and things I practice – changes I’ve made and life-hacks that have led me to where I am.

It won’t be so much about my private life – although all of the posts will be what I believe – and inevitably – in demonstrating some of those principals as I live them – you will catch glimpses and inferences of what I get up to. And of course I will use my life and creative work to illustrate some of my points.

But pace yourself – stay with me over the weeks and months and years – as I attempt to coalesce all my different perspectives into some sort of unpredicted, synergistic whole. Think of each post as a facet in a giant crystal that I’m wanting to craft-up from my mind-stuff (Chitta). And each of the facets connects and relates to all the other facets and builds a foundational shell to support the whole sphere of expression – to refract my light.

This is just ‘play time’ for me – to watch how my mind works – to finally crystallise all these disparate ideas into an interrelated cohesive framework. Just like the PostIt note that Richard Bach likes to have on his Mac when he’s writing:

Even I don’t really know the full extent of what is bouncing around inside my consciousness – which is one reason I’m interested to ‘blog-it out’ here – so this is as much of a writing adventure-experiment for me as it is for you – the readers.

I can only hope that you may gain some small insights into your own life by seeing how I approach my practice – and then experiment with my hacks and insights yourself. I’m not saying I’m right – just sharing what works for me e.g. what I have been experimenting with. Maybe you can take bits from different posts and build your own picture. Or just have a good laugh at the ridiculous places that my life and mind goes. You may even have your own parallel insights you want to share with me in the Comments.

You’re welcome to comment on the posts here but I will be moderating the Comments and only supportive, positive and creatively constructive comments will be made visible. I’m not interested in being right or wrong – this is purely about giving a formal voice to my collected core wisdoms and experiences – and expanding back and out and through from there – here – following the threads of my perspectives out into existence.

So, won’t you join me on this journey – these ‘visionary journeys’ – and beyond – subscribe and you won’t miss a post.


Full Blue Blood Super Moon Eclipse
31st January 2018

Read the first preliminary Core post – The Ground Rules.


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